Babies ‘R’ Us

Agency: Bromley Communications | Account Planner: Henry Louis Gomez

Title: Celebremos el regalo de la vida / Lista para tu bebe | Creative Director: Eduardo Bono

The Story: We pitched Babies ‘R’ Us to be their first Hispanic agency. Since this was the case and it was a pitch we had a lot of latitude to examine the brand and come up with an overall positioning, a rare brand planning assignment in addition to delivering the actual assignment which was for the gift registry.

BRU calls itself “The Baby Superstore”. As such it is promising to be the one resource for all baby needs. Selection, price, and expertise are attributes that contribute to the brand’s general market positioning as a caring and knowledgeable resource.

For the Hispanic market, we felt the essence should be interpreted in a more emotional fashion to capture the excitement and celebration that surrounds not just the actual childbirth, but also, the transition to motherhood.

Marianismo (worship of the Virgin Mary) is a strong cultural trait among Hispanics that, among other things, results in the veneration of all mothers. Motherhood is a role for which Hispanic girls are groomed from an early age so motherhood isn’t just about the baby; it’s a rite of passage leading to fulfillment as a woman. Like all rites of passage, sharing with the community is very important. So we felt that communications should be directed not just to the prospective mother but also to her circle of family and friends.

As a practical matter, Hispanic women tend to rely on relatives and friends for advice more than on store personnel. We knew BRU couldn’t replace these sources but can help create a shared experience, for all involved.

We created a Hispanic version of the gift registry called “Lista para tu bebe”, which has multiple meanings. Literally, it means “list for your baby” but the word “lista” means “ready” as well, so in the form of a question it can mean “ready for your baby?” or as a statement, it can mean “ready for your baby.” Our creative reflected all of these meanings. The tagline we developed for the overall brand was “celebremos el regalo de la vida” or “let’s celebrate the gift of life.”

Strategy: The “Lista para tu bebe” program prepares you and your loved ones to begin the celebration of motherhood and childbirth.

Radio: A MOM’S CONFESSION :60 (English)


Mom: There are so many things that I want to tell you about, like the first time I felt you move inside me…or…when I went to the doctor and heard your heartbeat. Or…when daddy and I learned we were going to be parents and your grandmothers shouted for joy when they found out you were coming into our lives.
I’ve had so many magical moments with you. (Laughter.) One day I got scared…but then realized you just had the hiccups. I want you to know how you’ve changed our lives and how we’ve dreamed about you, and soon I’ll tell you about your birth… but that’s for another day.

V.O: And for that very important day, Babies“R”Us helps you to get ready. With the program, “lista para tu bebé” you’ll receive a gift package which contains useful information, discount coupons, invitations to seminars and important advice so that you and your family are ready. “lista para tu bebé” from Babies“R”Us… Let’s celebrate the gift of life.

Epilogue: When we presented the radio script some of the clients began to literally cry. The marketing head told her colleagues that their general market work needed to reflect that kind of emotion. We won the account and launched a pilot program for the client.