Sling TV

Agency: MARCA| Account Planner: Henry Louis Gomez

Title: Launch Campaign | Creative Director: Sebastian Moltedo

The Story: Our agency’s existing satellite TV client, Dish Network, was launching a Latino complement to its brand new “over-the-top” pay TV service, Sling TV. The client was treating this like a completely different entity and was reluctant to use the agencies on the existing roster. They had done all the groundwork for the new Latino product and decided belatedly to bring all of their roster agencies to Denver for a summit to disclose their plans and see if we had any input.

As the presentation went on I found myself disagreeing with some of the basic assumptions they had made about the target and its programming needs. It was the moment of truth. I could keep quiet or I could open my mouth and challenge the thinking. I figured one of two things could happen, we’d be brushed off or they’d see the light. I decided to assert myself. I was sure that they were on the wrong track. It turns out that the CMO was exactly the type of person who liked being challenged and we built an instant rapport. We won the business right there and helped develop their brand positioning and tagline, consulted on the product itself and created all the launch work. The other agencies at the table had opted to keep their mouths shut during the meeting and were left out. It paid to speak up.