H&R Block

Agency: MARCA | Account Planner: Henry Louis Gomez

Title: Billete | Creative Director: Salvador Noriega

The Story: When the largest income tax preparer in the country’s dominance in the Hispanic market was challenged by CPAs and mom & pop tax preparers, H&R Block enlisted the help of MARCA for its 2016 “refund season”. Together, agency and client learned that lower-income bilingual/bicultural consumers who take advantage of special tax credits were the ones at most risk for defecting. These are people who can’t wait to file their taxes because they know they’re getting a sizable refund and look for the cheapest tax prep option. H&R Block needed a way to energize these potential consumers during the early tax season and break the proverbial tie with other tax prep options.

The client devised a hip-hop themed sweepstakes in which 1000 winners would each receive $1000 per day for the first 32 days of the federal filing period. With a total prize pool of $32 million, the 2016 refund season promised to be all about the Benjamins.

Strategy: It’s refund season and H&R Block is giving away $1000 to a thousand winners every day for a month.

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