Cleveland Clinic

Agency: abecé (Hill, Holliday) | Account Planner: Henry Louis Gomez

Title: Brand Campaign | Creative Director: Alejandro Barreras

The Story: Cleveland Clinic engaged us to create a brand campaign for them. South Florida is an extremely developed and competitive healthcare market so the folks at the Clinic wanted to find a way to communicate their unique approach to medicine. We immersed ourselves in category information and research and applied some old fashioned common sense.

We confirmed that for most people visiting the doctor is an inconvenience at best. Usually, after getting an appointment there is a lot waiting around. When they do get in to see a doctor he/she only spends a few minutes with them before rushing off to see the next patient. If the patient needs to see another specialist the process begins again. Healthcare is becoming more of business in the eyes of most consumers to the detriment of the reputation of the medical profession.

We also learned about the Cleveland Clinic itself. It’s a group practice of salaried doctors that have received some of the best training in their respective fields. The clinic’s mission is “to provide compassionate health care of the highest quality in a setting of education and research” and Clinic’s founders pioneered the idea of a group practice, where the doctors act as a unit, more than 80 years ago.

Strategy: The Cleveland Clinic delivers health care the way you want it, the way it ought to be.

Epilogue: What I love about this campaign is the copy. It’s concise, believable and has just the right amount of attitude. You’ll notice that the tagline in the creative is very close to the strategy line.