Agency: CreatAbility.| Account Planner: Henry Louis Gomez

Title: Modell’s/Nike Air 40-40 | Creative Director: Alejandro Barreras

The Story: This isn’t about the strategy as much as it is about collaboration. This was the first of several Hispanic market projects we handled for Nike. Modell’s is a major sporting goods retailer in the New York area and an important account for Nike. We were asked to create a print campaign for the Nike Air 40-40, a training shoe intended for baseball players.

We were a small agency and I often brainstormed with our creative team. In this case it was just the creative director and I spitballing ideas when he said he had an idea of marrying symbols of New York with baseball imagery like the Statue of Liberty holding a glove. I piped up and asked, “what if we morph an apple and a baseball together?” The result was the Big Apple ad below. He then came up with the hot dog execution.

Strategy: It’s time to play baseball in New York

Epilogue: This simple print campaign won a Silver Addy and the creative director was kind enough to give me a co-creator credit for it.